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Friday, December 18, 2020

Some crazy Kung-Flu restrictions I have noticed....


..What are some of the craziest Covid restrictions you have seen? Ones that make the least sense.”

All of them.

Curfew? Because the virus knows what time it is?

The local bakery deemed ‘non-essential’ and had to close. Big-Box and Chain Stores had to stay open because people need bread. The virus knows how many people you employ?

25 People inside a place is dangerous. 35 people standing in line outside of the place is safe.

A plastic shield installed between me and the check-out girl at the supermarket so that her and I are protected from each other. She then touches everything I touched in the process of tendering the sale.

More self-serve check out lanes used at some of the Big-Box and Chain Stores so that the employees are at reduced risk of being exposed. I now have to use the same equipment as the countless people ahead of me in line have used with no cleaning between uses.

The local Club Store that checks your receipts on the way out wearing gloves to protect the employee while touching every receipt from every person ahead of me at the exit with those same gloves who then just touched my receipt and handed it back to me.

The directional arrows on the floor of the Big Chain Supermarkets because the virus knows which direction you are moving. The lack of directional arrows on the floor of the produce department, bakery, and any other area that isn’t an aisle.

Political rallies accused of being ‘super-spreader-events’ and political protests praised because the message is more important than the risk.

Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve lasting 37 weeks with the threat of more shutdowns. If the first shutdown didn’t work why are you trying to do it again........

These I pulled off Quora .....

You can be out on a lake in an unpowered vessel (canoe, kayak, rowboat), but you CAN’T be out on a lake if the vessel is powered.

BUT the OHSAA ( Ohio High School Athletics Association) allowed HS Wrestling but stated that the two opponents could not shake hands at the end of the match.

It is obvious that no one on the committee ever wrestled.

The virus knows when you are sitting or standing in a restaurant............

Inside dining is bad. But if you take the inside dining outside it’s OK.

Having to wear a mask on the way to the table, but you can take it off one you sit down........

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