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Sunday, December 6, 2020

Technical Difficulties

 We are out of town,we are in the panhandleI"Of the Gunships State"." had taken my laptop with me so I can do some posting and keep up with my blogroll.  Well my laptop wireless card decided " crap the bed" so I will be unable to post anything on my blog until I return on Tuesday evening and fire up my other laptop.

This is the view from where we are at.  I did this post in my phone.


  1. panhandle "Of the Gunships State"? Panhandle means OK, TX or Florida. Since there is green grass in the photo, I'm guessing Florida. Right? But what's the gunship connection?

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  3. Hey Chuck

    Was supposed to be "gunshine" but when one uses a smartphone to do a post, autocorrect happens.

  4. Do what you gotta, we'll be around.


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