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Thursday, October 16, 2014


My apologies for not posting much since my "Bill the Cat" post a couple of days ago.   I have had a rough couple of days at work, I am working an airplane that is unfamiliar to me (Boeing 737-800) series aircraft.  I am familiar with Airbus A319/320 series of airplanes and Boeing 757's...not the same airplane as the '37.  Sure they are Boeing and certain things Boeing does as institutional memory, but the '37 is set up differently and the system interact differently.  We also have uncertainty with the new managers in place, there was a shakeup of managers a few months ago and we have one now, he came from outside my company, from a unionized airline and they do things differently.  I am wondering if the just culture that my employer has is being supplanted by a punitive culture....I will have to wait and see, but I digress.
  I had this in a folder in my laptop, I tend to keep a lot of pictures and other things to add to the words of my blog.  I ran across this and I had a germ of an idea for a blog post. 
     To me honor is a difficult word to describe, basically it is holding yourself to a higher standard and keeping your word to whomever you deal with.  Even if you don't like somebody you still treat them respectfully.  it is what separates you from them.   Honor is to uphold your personal standard of integrity, and moral beliefs.  Honor is to do what is right despite the cost.   I want it said on my grave stone...here lies "MrG"...he was a S.O.B...but he was an honorable S.O.B.  A better epitaph a man can't ask for. 
     I promise to post more and I have boy scout stuff this weekend, I will load the scheduler in case I miss a day.

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  1. i like that epitaph.
    My current meme is CHILD Courage, Honor, Loyalty,Integrity, Discipline. Still rewriting it, but I bet it's going to be along similar lines as yours.


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