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Sunday, October 26, 2014

Sunday stuff.....

Sorry about not posting sooner, still busier than a democratic operative signing up voters at the latest Ferguson protest and dodging the Brown family feuding on the sale of merchandise celebrating the saint of Swisher Sweet short life after getting capped for slugging a cop.

     The shoot went well and from all indications, the Chicfila foundation was very happy with the range and how it was run. 

The BB range set up and ready

 Archery Range set up.

The Dads and Kids shooting...
The kids loved it, and the so did the Dads, Stuff like this makes me enjoy doing 
the range setup.  I had to run it a little different than a standard range, normally when I run a BB or an Archery Range, I have the groups there at one time...but with them straggling in I had to change up a bit on how I ran the range.  I still used the standard range commands but I grouped them in smaller groups to allow for turnovers of the firing positions...I use the 4 rules but I also tell then there is one rule that is more inportant than the 4 rules...I call it the "Rule Number 0"
 "What do you do when you see a real gun laying around somewhere...?"   I let them answer first to see if they have the answer.  Most of the time they don't so I tell them..."Who is that guy standing behind you?"...they would look behind them and see an adult..."My Dad...?"   I go "Yes....and?"   They think for a moment....then usually say "Go tell him?"  I go "YES  go find a grownup...that is what we are here for...to solve problems".  The parents like the fact that I stress that and the kids remember it.
Now here are the 4 rules that I use......
"1. Always keep the barrel pointed in the safe direction, this applies to all projectile instruments from BB's to Archery, to Pellets to .22's and shotguns that y'all will shoot when you are older to the big rifles your parents have in their gun safe in their closets."  I get a lot of smiles from the dads when I use that line.
2.  Any weapon you handle..make sure it is on SAFE."
3.  Never put your finger on the trigger until you are ready to shoot"
4." Always know what is behind your target"
I also use an example..." My Name is Bob, I am an asst Scoutmaster for my troop, I was a Webelo Den leader and one of my Weebs was using a Wrist Rocket(I hate those things) and was shooting at a target...well he missed and took out his Mom's plate glass window....He violated rule number 4...Know what is behind your target.   Last time I talked to his parents...he was still grounded."  The kids laugh at that one but it sticks......
  I then spent Saturday with the scouts building a Trebuchet for the fall campout.  We started it
The boys had a good time.  We will continue construction here and there until it is done.
   We then took them to the Scouting base 1.5 hours away to walk the ramped up haunted trail set up for boy scouts.   Needless to say...I was tired.


  1. Glad it went well, and thanks for the time/effort!!!

  2. You are busy. Goooooodddness! But with worthwhile projects. Glad it went well. Bravo!

  3. Hey Old NFO;

    You are welcome and I got a line on finally getting my NRA certifications:) so I can instruct the larger projectile throwers.
    Hey Momma Fargo,
    Thank you:) The bad thing with worthwhile projects is that I let my house slide. I was trying to find wood tools to assist in the trebuchet build and I couldn't get to any of it because I have soo much crap in my garage.


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