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Thursday, October 23, 2014

Stuff and more stuff....

I am busier than a democratic operative busing illegals to a polling place.....I got asked to set up a "cub scout" aged BB and Archery range for Chic-fil-a doing a "father and son" event at a place called "Nash Farms".  So I will be setting up a range to run for 4 hours.  I went by the district storage and grabbed the range stuff that I had squirreled away since cub day camp. 
     Here I am loaded up from the storage.  My friend was giving me grief telling me that "You need a larger truck".  I suppose I do, but the Ranger still gets the job done.  Although I will start looking out for an older truck preferably a Ford. 
     While I was at work, I went into our "Free Issue" area where we can get some stuff and order parts,, we call it a "Yellow House",    Back when Delta was a "crop dusting" service in Monroe LA, they would get parts for the airplanes from a "Yellow House", Well time has changed, but the places where we get parts still is called " the Yellow house" even though it is a room inside the hanger.  Well I was walking through a different "yellow house" farther away than the normal one I usually use and I looked on the shelf and saw this,,,
   I figured that is what the flight staff use to keep themselves amused.
    Also when I was making use of the facilities as they say....I saw this....
  I figured a lawyer was behind that label,  They had it in both English and Spanish.... I guess somebody must have drank the cleaner and the results didn't work well the the drinkee.  Jeez.....lawyers.......That label to me shows the death of common sense here in America.  I look at it as "Social Darwinism".  If you stupid enough to drink cleaner....perhaps you shouldn't be in the gene pool.....

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  1. Hope the shoot went well! And there are probably MORE strange things sitting in various PEBs... :-) (Parts, Expendable Bins)


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