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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Irreverent musings......while on vacation....

Well a couple of thoughts on my vacation before I go on a rant.    Well we walked around in downtown"Land of the Rodent". there were a lot of shops and we did a bit of shopping.  I picked up a new coffee mug,
This is the front of the mug
This is the back.

Also the short and noisy one A.K.A. my son made some comment about my backpack and "Offering to carry your backpack because your elderly frame can't handle it."  I replied "Sure" and dumped my backpack on him.  I am not sure he expected me to agree to his suggestion.

While I was there, we passed the "Trex" restaurant and some person put a stuffed animal in the jaws of the dinosaur skeleton and he took a picture.  I also took one before he removed the stuffed animal.

     Well I also ran across a few things looking for stuff to post.

"Full Metal Elf"
Definitely NSFW(Language)

     This is a rant about our petulant boy king.  he has let our border be porous and now we have these strange central American diseases sweeping through the school system doe to the heavy influx of illegal alien kids, future monolithic democratic voting bloc, undocumented workers, economic refugees,  Now we after saving a couple of Americans dr's who contracted Ebola while trying to help the messed up countries.  Now we have somebody that flew in an American flight even though he knew he had Ebola and somehow managed to get on the flight anyway.  If I didn't know better, I think he is trying to crash the system according to Clovins and Pivons to bring in the promised city on the hill full of hope and change.

     How we have this promised city on the hill and Obama has managed to suborn all the agencies of the government to assist him by attacking all that who would oppose him.  If you say something bad about "The Anointed one." you have organs of the government will attack you kinda like a 3rd world banana republic.  You can't question the policies of the one who sits on the right hand of God....if they ever believed in God any way.

I wonder if we can pull away from the abyss or will Hillary make it on because "we need a women to straighten out the mess the men left".  And Hillary makes it in on the women and other monolithic groups. and a lot of conservatives stay home because they are pissed at the stupid  GOP  Party for waging war on the tea party candidates and the inter party squabbles.

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  1. Love the coffee cup! :-) And we'll either pull away or crash INTO the abyss... soon... sigh


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