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Friday, October 3, 2014


Well we are at an undisclosed location, where the image of a rodent is prevalent in the landscape.   We are staying at the resort that involves a mammalian life-form that is half man and half fish.
    We left early this morning and caught a flight.   While I was on the flight, I continued reading this book I picked up.
A good book by the way.  

If you havn't bought this book, you need to, it is actually better than the first one and the first one was very good.  
As we flew the Boeing 757-300 over the southern United States, I looked out the window and saw this view:

       The lady next to me was amazed by the view and she commented that "we are blessed" to see such a view.  I tend to agree, this view that we see now is almost "old hat", but to the travelers back in the 30 and 40's I am sure were amazed by the view.  Then there was the advent of the Jet Age and this airplane ushered in the era.  We look at this view and don't think anything of it.  A little over 100 years ago man was bound to the Earth with the exception of the crazy people that rode hot air  balloons. 
 This is the famous "Dash 80" the prototype 707 that changed the face of aviation like no aircraft has.

We went there a couple of years ago to check out the Smithsonian Museum, it is so worth the price of admission and it is 15 minutes away from Dulles.  If you are an aviation nut, this place is nirvana.

I will post or load the scheduler every day for the next week so something will be posted on my blog.  I will dredge up some pics that I first used when I first started blogging.   Blame Old NFO and Murphy for starting my blogging.  I was a reader long before I started blogging.  It is their fault...I blame them or y'all can for foisting me on the blogging world.


  1. Have fun, and glad you're enjoying it! I'm also happy to take the blame! :-)


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