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Saturday, January 16, 2021

A Conveniently timed Impeachment.

 I am wondering how this will play out, I had wondered at the speed of the impeachment kangaroo court hearings by Nancy Pelosi and the lack of information, just "emotion" of "Orange Man Bad" and unfortunately 10 Republican Squishies crossed the line and voted with the donks to shank President Trump in this sham hearing.  I am pretty sure that they will have a lot of problem in the primaries in 18 months because a lot of voters will not forgive them for their lack of fortitude

The Establishment reacted with rage and fear because they got a taste of what they have foisted on us for the past 10 months with the lockdowns, pandemics, loss of liberties, and restrictions, our "Betters" got a taste of what they had pushed on the rest of America for months and it scared them and now they have to punish us for giving them a taste of fear and uncertainty and our political betters can't have that.

      I shamelessly clipped this off the "American Thinker"

A conveniently timed impeachment

When you look back at the events on January 6, the way that those events played out makes perfect sense if your perspective is that you knew what was going to happen a few days in advance. Seen in that light, it’s a useful way to ensure that questions about the election are permanently relegated to the past.

We knew that there were going to be objections to several states' election results. We knew that Senator Cruz was among those who intended to object. I had read somewhere in the days before the 6th that he was going to suggest an emergency investigation that should take place before Inauguration Day.

After watching a video of Senator Cruz making his recommendations, I had explained to my 12-year-old son how that and that alone is exactly what this country needs to finally be able to put the “election fraud” argument to an end. I liked the idea because the investigation would be open to the public and extremely difficult to censor, if not impossible. The mainstream media and social media platforms wouldn’t be able to censor it and anyone that was truly interested in knowing the truth would have exactly that. Truth. In real-time.

While I didn’t know the details, I sent him an email thanking him for supporting the President. I’ve been writing to many Senator’s lately, it’s a new hobby of mine.

When the protesters appeared at the Capitol, almost as if on cue, the police opened the doors for this unruly crowd to enter. There are several videos showing this, as well as videos of the police inside just letting the “rioters” pass by. Then, for unknown reasons, a gun fires, and an unarmed woman wearing a Trump flag as a cape tragically loses her life.

Nancy Pelosi was hostile after the shooting and almost immediately claimed that it was the President’s fault. She publicly demanded that Congress immediately impeach a President who has less than two weeks left in office.

Joe Biden was equally as angry and felt the need to publicly claim that a BLM crowd wouldn’t have been treated as nicely as this unruly crowd of Trump supporters were. I was scratching my head on that one because it made absolutely no sense for him to make that speech at that time, or so I thought.

The investigation that Senator Cruz recommended can’t happen if both houses of Congress are busy impeaching a President who’s on the verge of leaving office. The same is true if the impeachment continues after he leaves office. There’s only so much the overworked legislators can handle and impeaching a President must take priority, right?

Now CNN has acknowledged that the events at the Capitol were planned before Trump spoke. There’s also footage of a CNN journalist embedded with a left-wing activist exulting “We did it.”

It’s easy for someone to hypothesize that maybe the riot’s planners wanted to help Pelosi demand the impeachment of a President who has less than two weeks left in office. That would definitely be beneficial to anyone who has something to hide from things like election fraud investigations and such. Joe Biden’s speech makes anyone opposing the impeachment of a President that has less than two weeks left in office a probable racist for having that opinion.

If anyone did have a part in rigging the last Presidential election, they got a break from what would have been an investigation with a certain level of transparency. One could say that they’re very fortunate in fact. I’m not sure why someone hasn’t hypothesized this already, because it was the first thing that crossed my mind and I’m not a racist.

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