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Monday, January 11, 2021

getting over it....

I really appreciated everyone's advice, I caught the 'Rona from the wife and it sucked....but compared that some people have died from it I ain't bitching if you know what I mean.   The fever broke early Sunday morning/Saturday Night.  I had spend the time wrapped up in a blanket in the recliner and binge watched the "Remastered Original Series of Star Trek"   Hey I am a geek  but that's what I did.  
     There won't be a "Mondays Music" up today, when I was preloading my blog last week, I should have preloaded an installment but I didn't and I don't have the creativity yet to pull it together.  My apologies to those that drop by for that.  For the next few days posting will be hit or miss as I regain my strength and the creative gene starts firing again.   I do have an idea, I want to see how far it goes, and it might be useful in this new times we find ourselves.

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