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Monday, January 18, 2021

Some goings on at Casa De Garabaldi and some musings.

 As my readers know that I caught the 'Rona after Christmas, but some stuff happened before and after Christmas.  We had family coming up for Christmas Eve and we had a lot of rain and my son decided to drive in the yard to leave the driveway clear....well you guessed it....

Made it worse....He put his Truck in 4 wheel drive....

I caught him after he got started......

The Guilty Culprit.....
What saved my son from being exterminated on the spot by the spousal unit was the arrival of other family members 5 minutes after his huuuge faux pax.   

  Guess who had to buy annual Rye and straw and get a rake to repair the damage....and he did a pretty good job of repair...although I had to stay out there and "remind" him of missed spots.

   This is what it looks like right after he finished.   It has been a couple of weeks and it does look better. but the yard will still look like ass until the spring when the grass starts growing together and finished mending.
      I was disappointed in the Georgia Election....
I did do my part ...for all the good it did.  Since the Donks have figured out how to do the steal, they really don't need our vote

The "Sudden Spike" showed up again.....Just like it did for the Presidential election....

   Well the end results was as I expected.....the Democrats prevailed and of course Georgia lost both senate seats from GOP to democrat....

I am not thrilled......Needless to say and of course the Spineless GOP Governor and Secretary of State will not investigate any fraud allegations for fear of being called "Racist" by the democrats who use that race card like it goes out of style.  

   In the Meantime the plan for me and many of my friends is to plan accordingly and do the following

The name of the game is to bid our time and wait and be patient, Sun-Tzu believed in the principle of deception and feints and that we will pretend to be weak and study for weakness in our opponent then once we have studied our opponent, then we will remind them that we are not weak like they believed we were.  The Donks will overreach as they tend to do when they believe that they have absolute power and they will pay the price in the next election and all elections are local and if the donks get their clocks cleaned and they lose the house and senate then we can check Joe and the Hoe because I remember Obungler had a hell of a time getting anything through after Obunglercare

 and that resulting drama bit them in the ass in  the 2010 and the 2014 mid terms elections and he was pretty much stonewalled despite a fawning media covering for him.

    My son asked me to go to the range so we did, I took his .22 Rifle and my revolvers, and when we got there I discovered I had only grabbed my "go to the mattresses" ammo for the revolvers so needless to say we didn't shoot them.  dang,, the box looked dilapidated but it was full of hollowpoints.. and one don't plink hollowpoints.  That is what I get for being on a hurry. The Honorable Jeff Cooper and Master Ayoob would assuredly frown on that...but we at least shot the rifle.

         My son did have a good time.    My impressions of the range...a lot of newbie shooters, there were a Husband and wife shooter  next to us and she was shooting a pistol that was too big for her and her demeaner and her husband was that they wanted no assistance from me, they were African-American and they were hostile toward me and my son. when I was making jokes and comments as shooters do when coming on the range and I got the eye roll and other behavior so after a few minutes I left them alone.  Yes I know that the 40 caliber glock was too big for her because she was short and at 7 feet she was missing the man sized silhouette, that usually means to someone that teaches, they are flinching and her pattern was all over the place and to the right next to the shoulder, also her finger was all the in the trigger well, and her husband wasn't much better.    On the other side was a younger African-American guy, Perhaps 24, he had purchased an AR Pistol and was fumbling with it.  I could tell he was having problems and I asked him if I could help him and he was really grateful and I explained to him how to load the pistol and clear it, function check it eject the magazine and load the other magazines, and gave him tips on the basic operation of the Pistol(rifle).  As I was cycling the Pistol(Rifle) I noticed that it was dry so I asked him if it was ok if I oiled it for him and he said "Please" so I popped the BCG out and oiled it up and cycled it a few times and the Pistol(rifle) ran a lot better and he was very happy and was really pleased that someone took the time to show him something about the pistol.  I told him that he needed to get some optics for it and some popup backup sights in case "Murphy" says "HI".  Yes the AR Pistol had no sights on it.....I was surprised but I wasn't with the demand for guns, the gun stores are selling what ever they got and people are buying guns because they are panic buying whatever they can get without researching it.  We were shooting so while my son was shooting, I was helping the young guy and he got a lot better.  I felt better when we left, the guy was still a noob, but he at least had a clue now what was going on.  Right before we left, the young guy shook my hand and said "Thank you" several times. so I guess I did ok on that one.

I did apply my "Monster Hunter International" sticker on the truck, that along with the 2020 challenge coin


I got that coin for my Dad for his Birthday coming up later this month.   He being retired Military gets challenge coins and his humor is warped like mine will appreciate it.

    Tomorrow is Inauguration day for the Usurper and I will not tune in, I will also avoid anything to do with going anywhere near any capital buildings.  If anybody is espousing such actions, they are agent Provocateur's and are hoping to provoke someone into doing something foolish for their own ends....Don't play their game.   We need to play our long game and bide our time.


  1. Oh... lesson learned on the yard! :-) And yeah, that 'spike'... sigh

    1. Hey Old NFO;

      I learned about yards when I was a kid, so I passed a bit of knowledge..and of course"That Spike"....was expecting it, but was hoping I was wrong.


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