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Saturday, January 2, 2021

The Truth regarding Vice President Pence and January 6th.

 I got this in my email from the "Front Sight training Institute, I have been on their email list for years.  I rarely post their stuff on my blog, but I decided to post this one in its entirety.  I am on 2 minds on this, I want to go to the protest, but that goes against my nature to avoid crowds especially in "blue cities" where Antifa and BLM(Burn,Loot and Murder) have free rein to operate with tacit permission of the city council and mayor whereas those that are of opposing political views are assaulted and the police will not defend you because they take their orders from the same mayors and city council.  Even in my state capital, I can Carry conceal, but the local DA has already proven that the rule of law don't mean crap if it supports a "narrative".  I can see the huge possibilities of big crowds and stupidity happening.  I gotta think about it some more.

The hot topic for today is Vice President Pence.

He was scheduled to leave for a trip to Israel right after the January 6 Electoral College SHOWDOWN, creating all types of speculation as to whether he was getting out of Dodge City before the big gunfight that will ensue after he slams the door on the Democrats or he was planning to flee to Israel with his tail between his legs after sabotaging President Trump by siding with the Democrats.

Then his trip to Israel was reported canceled, fueling even more speculation as to why it was canceled.

Then there were all the reports of Vice President Pence disagreeing with Texas Republican Louis Gohmert who believes Pence has the power to refuse to acknowledge the Democrat Slate of Electors from the Swing States due to the level of fraud that occurred in those elections. This disagreement has resulted in a lawsuit filed by Gohmert and 11 of Arizona's Republican Electors, against Vice President Pence, asking a Trump-appointed judge to rule the Electoral Count Act of 1887 conflicts with the 12th Amendment of the US Constitution 1804.

There is even speculation as to why the lawsuit was filed.

Some say it was filed on behalf of Vice President Pence, who will not defend the lawsuit, allowing the judge to rule in favor of Gohmet and the 11 AZ Electors. Pence will than have the ability to disregard the Swing State Electors completely or choose the Republican Slate. Either way, advantage Trump.

Others speculate Vice President Pence refused to channel the spirit of Thomas Jefferson, who did essentially the same thing in the Election of 1801 because Pence does not believe he has the constitutional authority to do so and will vigorously defend the lawsuit filed against him.

If you read the Election of 1801, and the 12th Amendment , and the Electoral Count Act of 1887 as I did, I believe you will come to the same conclusion as I did. The idea that Vice President Pence has the unilateral authority to entirely disregard the Swing States' Slate of Electors or choose a Competing Slate of Electors is just not spelled out in any of these documents. I wish it was, but I do not see it. Even if Pence does not defend the lawsuit, essentially stipulating to Gohmert's claim, I do not think the Trump-appointed judge in the case is going to see it either.

So the January 6 ELECTORAL COLLEGE SHOWDOWN really comes down to the Republican-controlled House or Representatives and Senate, in the fraudulent Swings States of Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, Michigan, Georgia, Arizona, Nevada and New Mexico going to their respective medical doctors tomorrow and securing a double dose of this recent FDA-approved medication...

That is correct. The Republicans who control the State Houses in the fraudulent Swing States must find a pair in the next 6 days. They MUST take back control of the Electoral College Votes from their Corruptocrat Governors and DECERTIFY the Democrat Electoral College Slate of Electors they erroneously submitted, DUE TO MASSIVE VOTER FRAUD in their respective states.

The evidence of fraud is overwhelming as you have witnessesed over the last TWO MONTHS of daily briefings on My Blog, with more and more evidence continuing to come forward every day.

Anyone who continues to claim there was no fraud or is not willing to stand up to the fraud is a CORRUPTOCRAT, whether Democrat or Republican.

So, will Republicans who CONTROL THEIR OWN DESTINY in these Swing States actually do what is right?

Where have they been for the last 60 days?

What does President Trump have up his sleeve to save the Republic?

As much as I hate to keep saying it, I do not believe President Trump can rely on the Courts or Congress to do what is right by January 6.

President Trump will need to take Executive Action.

Before I once again share my successful strategy THAT WILL WORK to save the Republic, IF President Trump WILL WORK IT, let me share a video that chronicles a time in our history when Corruptocrats in a small county did what the Democrats have done to us across our entire nation.

Men of this era did not need the medication Growacet, nor do I...

As I have stated repeatedly, I do not believe President Trump can rely on the Courts or Congress to do what is right by January 6.

I just don't see the likes of China Mitch McConnell and Never-Trumper Mitt Romney putting aside their personal conflicts of interest to do what is right for the country.

Even though we have a Republican majority to win in a one-vote-per-state Delegate Vote in the House of Representatives and the Senate, I don't know if we have enough PATRIOTS in the Republican Party with all the RINO's and Never-Trumpers holding Senate and House seats. I HOPE I AM WRONG, but come January 6 we will see who truly bleeds the red, white and blue, and who bleeds the greenbacks of self-interest.

For this reason, I created the successful strategy President Trump can deploy on the morning of January 6 to smoke out the traitors and save the Republic.

I have not seen a better plan. THIS WILL WORK IF PRESIDENT TRUMP WILL WORK IT.

THIS is a successful strategy to win. READ IT, FORWARD IT, TWEET ABOUT IT. The entire nation needs to see it.

Here is my personal letter to President Trump with the successful strategy that none of his advisers have shared with him...

Mr. President,

You Sir, are the greatest president of my lifetime.

Considering all the overt attacks, covert back stabbings, lies, deceit, treason and treachery you have been subjected to by the Left Wing Media, Social Media Censors, Corruptocrats, RINO Republicans, Never-Trumpers, CIA, DOJ, FBI, China, Russia, Iran and who knows who else, THAT YOU DID NOT JUST ENDURE, BUT DEFEATED in creating the greatest economic, political, and social turnaround in our country's entire history, YOU SIR MAY BE THE GREATEST PRESIDENT OF ALL TIME.

Because of your actions in the face of overwhelming adversity, you have my allegiance and the allegiance of the 80 million people who voted for you. NEVER FORGET THIS. Individually and collectively, we have your back no matter what happens in the next 20 days and beyond.

You have relied on the Courts to uphold the US Constitution. Whether compromised, corrupted, politicized or cowards, the Courts have not yet stepped up to do their jobs, and may not do anything before January 6.

You have relied on Congress to uphold the US Constitution. Whether compromised, corrupted, politicized or cowards, Congress has not yet stepped up to do their jobs, and may not do their job on January 6.

So like President George Washington, who personally led 13,000 militiamen to quell the Whiskey Rebellion after he signed into law the Excise Whiskey Tax to pay down the war debt of his fledgling nation, you too may need to make a tough decision.

And like President James Polk who declared war on Mexico to forever secure the states of Texas, New Mexico and California for "These United States," you too may need to make a tough decision.

And like President Abraham Lincoln, who had to decide whether to allow the South to secede from the Union or risk tens of thousands of lives in a civil war to preserve the Union, you too may need to make a tough decision.

And like President Franklin Roosevelt who had to decide whether to enter World War II when our allies needed us, but public sentiment at home was to remain isolationists, you too may need to make a tough decision.

And like President Harry Truman, who had to decide whether to open up the nuclear age by dropping the atomic bomb on civilian populations, not once, but twice, to end World War II, you too may need to make a tough decision.

And like President John Kennedy who would not blink when facing down the Soviet Union in the Cuban Missile Crisis, you too may need to make a tough decision.

In fact, it could be argued, that under the circumstances, with ALL that is at stake today, the decision you may be forced to make will be the most important and toughest decision ever made by any president.

The decision you MUST make to protect and defend the US Constitution from all enemies, foreign and domestic, to protect the sanctity of free and fair elections, and to protect the Supreme Court and every elected official, even though they seem to lack the courage to stand up to protect themselves, REQUIRES YOU TO ACT ALONE, WITH EXECTIVE ORDER, IF YOU MUST.

Just remember, you are not alone. The US Armed Forces, while you still command them stand with you. Law enforcement departments around the country stand with you. 80 million patriots who voted for you, stand with you. I stand with you and so does Trump'sArmy .US which I command.

So here is what I advise you to do...

Continue your legal challenges and allow the Courts to do the right thing, but don't count on it.

Rally all Trump supporters in the greater Washington, DC area to converge on Washington, DC January 6, 2021 in peaceful protest to encourage Congress to do the right thing, and vote for Republican Electors in ALL the Swing States, to return the election to the rightful winner, President Donald J. Trump.

MORE IMPORTANT than Washington DC, rally all Trump supporters IN EVERY STATE to converge on their respective State Capitols January 6, 2021 in peaceful protests for THEIR respective Congressmen and Senators to do the right thing and vote for Republican Electors in ALL the Swing States to return the election to the rightful winner, President Donald J. Trump.

These individual Congressmen and Senators need to know that their constituents back home are watching and there WILL BE consequences for any politician who does not honor the US Constitution, free and fair elections, and the TRUE WILL of THE PEOPLE in a US election. You want the media and Congress to see 80 million people protesting nationwide for YOU.

You and Vice President Pence must meet in advance of January 6 with the hero of the House of Representatives, Alabama Representative Mo Brooks and the lone hero of the Senate, newly elected Senator from Alabama, Tommy Tuberville. Enlist them to carry out the following strategy:

When it comes time to count the Electoral College Votes of the states in alphabetical order, the State of Arizona will be the third state called. When Arizona is called, Representative Mo Brooks and Senator Tommy Tuberville are to challenge the Electors, forcing both chambers of Congress, by order of the US Constitution to separately debate the issue for two hours, and then vote whether to accept the Democrat Electors or accept the competing slate of Republican Electors.


IF Congress surprises everyone and actually operates with integrity and ethics on January 6, 2021 by voting for the competing slate of Republican Electors in Arizona, the first of the seven Swing States to be counted, then have Representative Mo Brooks and Senator Tommy Tuberville repeat the process of challenging the Electors of Georgia and all of the remaining Swing States until Joe Biden has lost enough Electors to no longer have 270 Electoral College Votes.

As you know, this will force a one-vote-per-state Delegate Vote in the House of Representatives. The Republican majority of delegates will result in your re-election, and a one-vote-per-state Delegate Vote in the Senate will result in the re-election of Vice President Pence. We can only hope and pray for Congress to the do the right thing, but do not expect it!

What is more likely to happen on January 6 after Representative Mo Brooks and Senator Tommy Tuberville challenge the Electors of Arizona, forcing both chambers of Congress to separately debate the issue for two hours, and then vote whether to accept the Democrat Electors or accept the competing slate of Republican Electors, is Congress will vote to accept the Democrat Electors. This is because the Democrats hold the majority in the House of Representatives and THEY HAVE NO ETHICS.

When Congress screws YOU and the 80 million citizen patriots who voted for you by failing to do what is right, and vote for the competing slate of Republican Electors on the very FIRST challenge of the seven, Swing State Electors, you will now know that only YOU can save the Republic.

Instruct Representative Mo Brooks and Senator Tommy Tuberville TO CHALLENGE EVERY STATE, ALL 47 REMAINING STATES. This will require nearly 100 hours of debate in Congress. As a result, the Electoral College vote will take over 10 days, likely longer, buying you the time, while still the Commander in Chief to take Executive Action!

With good conscience, knowing you gave the Courts and Congress EVERY opportunity to uphold the US Constitution, protect free and fair elections, and honor the TRUE WILL of the people, BUT FAILING TO DO SO, you now must take action, Executive Action to preserve the Republic.

Yes, Mr. President you MUST make a tough decision. Fortunately, like Washington, Polk, Lincoln, Roosevelt, Truman and Kennedy, YOU are the right man for the right time. As the test of time has proven, like these men who were burdened with such tough decisions, BUT MADE THEM, you too will forever be looked upon favorably for doing so.

What do I recommend you do? Everything and anything that is legally at your disposal and even actions that are legally debatable in such uncharted waters. Now is not the time to listen to weak-kneed, career bureaucrats and problem-finding attorneys who care more about themselves and where they will be working on January 20, than the fate of our nation. You need people who are ALL IN with YOU and the America YOU envision. From this point out there is no room for anyone, but PROVEN American Patriots in your circle of influence and administration.

Mr. President, it is time to prepare to make that tough decision on the morning of January 6 if the Courts and Congress are unwilling to save the Republic.

It is time to Declare a National Emergency per your Executive Order of September 12, 2018. It is time to deploy the military to secure all voting machines, all ballots, and all signature cards in the contested Swing States.

It is time to verify the legality of EVERY ballot in every one of the contested Swing States. You know and the vast majority of Americans know the 2020 Presidential Election was fraudulent. It is time to prove the fraud with a completely transparent, televised forensic audit of each and every ballot, signature card, and Dominion Voting Machine.

Recent evidence suggests 13 million people voted in the election who were not registered to vote. These were not Republican Voters. It is time for YOU to take Executive Action and expose the truth, arrest and prosecute those who committed voter fraud, and seize the assets of those individuals and entities who aided and abetted the enemies of our Republic in the greatest attempted theft of American freedom in our history.

It is time to PROVE you won by the greatest landslide in American political history.

ONLY THE MILITARY under YOUR command can be trusted to carry out their duty to follow YOUR orders in protecting and defending the US Constitution against all enemies foreign and domestic. Command them to do their duty for YOU and the American people.

Will your actions create the greatest amount of civil unrest we have seen in our lifetimes? Absolutely yes. We did not win our freedom from British tyranny, or free men, women and children from slavery, or save the world from Nazi and Japanese aggression because we were afraid of confronting violence.

You have the US Military, National Guard, Reserves, Law Enforcement and the Citizen Patriots of Trump'sArmy .US at your side, waiting for your orders. We ALL stand ready, willing and able to assist you in making the toughest, most important decision you MUST make on January 6.

And I personally stand ready to assist you in ANY manner you wish.

You Sir, were born for this moment in history. Take your rightful position in history, make your rightful decision, and rightfully shape the future of our country for generations to come.


Dr. Ignatius Piazza
Founder and Director
Front Sight Firearms Training Institute
#1 Front Sight Road
Pahrump, NV 89061


  1. Finding balls would be good. All of them.

    1. Hey Paul;

      I agree, it would be nice if the GOP would actually stand up and be counted. The donks are lemmings, totally venal, corrupt, and slimy and perpetual swamp creatures but I respect them because they do whatever it take to get the job done and they stick together unlike the GOP.


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