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Tuesday, December 2, 2014

Islam don't have a sense of humor....

   I have on my blog a quote from Charleton Heston that stated that "Political Correctness is Tyranny with manners".  I havn't made any comment about Islam lately...they call Islam the Religion of Peace...There is a piece of you here and a piece of you there......   Anyway, It is very condescending to treat people this way..if you can't laugh, you are too uptight.  The people that bash Islam are pilloried, threathened with a Fatwa and other items from having the department of justice investigate you if you say something that isn't complementary to Islam.  Here in America, we are supposed to be open to all religions, and all can practice here. but certain religions are elevated, the unofficial religion for the United States is Islam.  That religion has special protections under the law that all others don't have.   But Because radical Islam is not compatible with free, Western societies, the followers of that faith take joking very seriously. Their prophet can’t be depicted in cartoons and liberals who applaud Christian-bashing “art” are never brave enough to mock Islam.
 There was an English writer that had commented one time that a good test of a good religion was if you could make jokes about it.  Mr Chesterton made that quote a while back.  Mr Cleese who is famous for his roles with Monty Python and other roles made a comment.

For something completely different, watch (above) as Cleese discusses political correctness with Bill Maher. When Maher noted that Islam is a religion that you can’t joke about in public, John Cleese replied that you CAN but

It just means that they’ll kill you. Theoretically you could.
The problem is if you make jokes about people who are going to kill you, there is a sort of tendency to hold back a little, isn’t there?
The cartoon that a few years ago got a "fatwa" against the artist for "insulting Islam


  1. Mr G.:
    I think you have managed to capture perfectly what MANY (real) Americans have believed for some time.
    No one bats an eye whenever someone takes a "slam" at Christianity, or even Judaism, but when it comes to these "camel-jockeys"...all bets are off.

    Must not be the SAME God the rest of us pray to, that's for sure.
    Just wait until they see WHO those 73 virgins are...LOL
    Not a "looker"in the bunch...I guarantee that!

    Good call.

    Stay safe,

  2. Oh, I love Charlton Heston's remarks. They are perfect. And great post as usual. Ok. I have to laugh at Maher and Cleese. Great debate with a little humor.

  3. I'm going to report your nasty blog for Islamophobia. I clean my ass with the flag of the United States! Fuck you ignorant peasant! Fuck you conspiranoic white trash!

    1. Good Morning;

      The joys of being in the United States is the ability to speak or say what you will without being sent to a work camp, or a gulag or have a tire wrapped around you and set on fire. One day when your country has the freedom of speech where you can say what you wish without fear of repercussion or reprisals than you will understand the meanings of the word "Freedom". Where you can expand your mind and live your dreams to the best of your ability. That is the magic of a free mind.


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