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Sunday, December 14, 2014

Light posting this past weekend....

My Apologoes for the light posting this past weekend, On Thursday I was on the way to "roundtable",  a Boy Scout Leader monthly meeting.  Well I never got there....
   Apparently a SUV( you can see it off to one side on the right side of the picture,)  decided to make a left turn in front of me.  She was coming the other way and turned in front of me.  She told the Police that she didn't see me.  I took my first ambulance ride on this one.  I got banged up and bruised.  I tried to take it easy as much as I could, they had prescribed vikotin and muscle relaxer.  I took 2 days off from work.  Thursday night and Sunday night.  I will see what happens when I get in contact with the lady's insurance company
   This is a reminder of the spending bill that congress passed, loaded with pork, fully funding Obunglercare and the executive amnesty.  The establishment GOP is afraid that the voters will not like them.  ..Lessee the voters were so pissed after the last shutdown, they elected more republicans for the 2014 midterm......Something doesn't connect here.   Am I missing something?   Well I saw this great shirt for Speaker Boehner


  1. Hey - nice blog, I'm just trying to get in touch and couldn't find your contact info. Could you send me an email when you get a chance? Thanks

    bluegrassbruce8 at gmail

  2. Oh, so sorry about your wreck. Hope you are doing well. Car looks like to have had better days. Totaled? yes? Take care of yourself and beware of ladies who should not drive big vehicles who can't see over the steering wheel. Did I say that? SMH. Someone slap me.

  3. Hey Bruce,
    email sent......
    Hey Momma Fargo;

    Yep it looks like a totaled, and I am doing better, sore but not like a couple of days ago. And the comments I could make on that last one;)...


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