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Friday, December 26, 2014

The Day after Christmas.......

Well I was like most people, I spent time with my family on Christmas and that was very nice, spending time with family is important, it reminds us what the season is....It isn't gifts...although those are cool, it is spending time with people, and it don't have to be with family, but spend time with people you want to spend time with or have to spend time with.  I wasn't upset about having to work on part of my Christmas....it is necessary and  knew that I would go home when it is over.  To those that have been checking out my little corner of the internet know that I was in the service and was deployed to the Middle East, in my case it was in 1990, I was stationed in Germany since 1986 and we got deployed when Desert Shield started becoming Desert Storm.  Being closer to where Jesus was born was uplifting.  I remember a bunch of us were walking around the tents in Dammon waiting for our equipment  to catch up with us and singing all the Christmas songs.  From all the different units, soldiers were coming together in groups to sing and that was magical in itself.
     Flash forward to today, Christmas still has its magic for me, there is still a little kid inside of me that loves Christmas, that will never change.   But now it is the day after Christmas and the reality is here.....

Yes I did it this way one time...
     Now is the time we have to clean up the decorations, pack them away for next year.  And get ready to start ramping up for New Years.  I will be spending time with my son at winter-camp with the Boy Scouts until the New Years Eve.  so I will be preloading stuff into the scheduler so I will have things posting and my various comments about the pictures.  I will have sporadic internet usage so I will not be able to respond immediately.


  1. LOL, great way to 'stow' the tree! I just move mine back to the back of the safe until next year... :-)

  2. Mr. G:
    LOVE that method for "tree-storage"...LOL!

    Bet you can even stow it SIDEWAYS, too...excellent call.
    Hope you had a fantastic Christmas.

    DO enjoy this weekend and roll safe out there.


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