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Friday, December 12, 2014

Something to think about...Who is supporting the Unrest we see....

By now we have seen all the protest about Michael "Saint of Swisher Sweet" Brown and Eric "Saint of loose Tobacco" Gardner....Y'all notice all the "Professional" signs that the crowd has...This is more than a bunch of sharpies and a poster-board.  
I will post a bunch of signs from Google....
Look at the bottom right corner of that sign...above..
Look at the bottom of that sign...above..
 More professional signs....
These are a mix of SIEU(Government union) and Revcon..
If you were watching the news broadcast from Ferguson, Mo. before the indictment  decision was announced, you undoubtedly saw many people holding up signs reflecting their sentiments.

Did those people go out and buy those signs or have them printed themselves?

On the bottom of the signs is the inscription ; revcom.us.

Go to http://www.revcom.us/ and draw your own conclusions.
   I have said this before....These protest have been co-opted by others using this as a vehicle for their agenda...and these people protesting are dupes...Some know...Others don't.  I see all these college students protesting...they have the revolutionary fire thanks to the indoctrination they get at our schools of higher learning...I almost don't want my kid to go to college, College is supposed to prepare you with  skill for life...instead they are brainwashed with all these leftist and socialist thoughts.
   Here are some more signs...
                                        Another Professional Sign..
 See the pattern.......


  1. Looks like rebranded Occupy to me, With the usual dose of paid professional protesters bankrolled by activist unions. This current incarnation seems to reach deeper into the social underclass. Occupy kids raised by the middle class proved to have no staying power. Remains to be seen how much staying power this bunch has.

  2. Yep, co-opted is right... And it's now in the professional protesters arena...

  3. You shouldn't lump the cases together, at least not to disparage the dead in both. Brown was a case of a PAMF thinking he was a BAMF. Garner was a travesty and a tragedy.

    1. Hey Doug,
      Same group of supporters
      Hey Old NFO,
      Yep co-opted for the professional students and activist protestor
      Hey ShellDude,
      I did lump them together to prove a point,Yes Brown wanted to be a badass, but Gardner only crime besides the assorted hustling charges, was that he was depriving the city and state of New York their tax revenue on cigarettes. The point is that these cases are being co-opted by everybody else that has an axe to grind against the system. These protest are being used to further an agenda by these groups


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